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chip cooking process
Dec 12, 2018

cooking process

1. Steaming vessel              5. Pressure screen         13. Washing pressure         19. White liquor

2. Impregnation vessel      6. Vibratory screen        14. Bleaching stage              20. Lime kilm 

3. Digester                            7. Refiner                        15. Wahsing filter                 21. Green tank

4. Diffuser                             8. Reject tank                 16. Bleaching stage              22. Recovery boiler

                                                9. Pulp tank                    17. Washing filter                 23. Evaporator

                                               10. Pressure screen       18. Bleaching stage

                                               11. Wash filter               

                                               12. Oxygen reactor

Special recommand for first position pump selection: 

Ahlstrom EPP type, Hot liquid pumps have high efficiency, Centerline support keeps shaft position hoizontal at elevated temperatures

Head: up to 140m

Temperature: Max. 210 oC

Capacity: up to 6000m3/h

Operating frequencies: 50 or 60Hz

Pressure: up to 2.5Mpa

Open impeller can meet various fluid applicationopen impeller

    open impeller                                           

Available material: Duplex stainless steel, Austenitic stainless stell, Martensitic SS etc.

Disclaimer: We supply pumps and parts to fit or replace various OEM pumps. Any use of OEM names, trademarks, model numbers, or part numbers is for reference only and does not necessarily imply that we are an authorized distributor or representative of the companies and brands listed.

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