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DIP cooking process
Dec 13, 2018


25. Pulp  26. Cleaner  27. Deflaker  28. Pressure Screen  29. Floatater  30. Thicker  31. Refiner  

32. Dump chest

For pulp pump,  here Sulzer Ahlstrom and andritz have always been recommended by pulp mill, and Sulzer Ahlstrom pump is top selection, Ahlstrom have high efficiency hydraulic design plus choice of high resistant material of Chromium Iron, it can meet most extreme fluid application.

High wear resistant impeller, special open type

special resistant impeller

Ahlstrom WPP pulp pump, Sulzer Ahlstrom replacement, 

Sulzer Ahlstrom closed impeller with A890 3A,Sulzer pulp and paper pump

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