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Main characteristics of power pump
Jul 23, 2018

① a certain pump at a certain speed of the resulting lift has a limited value. The operating point flow and shaft power depend on the condition of the device system connected with the pump (bit difference, pressure difference and pipeline loss). The lift is changed with flow. 

② work stably, conveying continuously, flow and pressure without pulsation. 

③ generally do not have the ability to suck, the pump needs to fill the first liquid or the pipeline into a vacuum before starting to work. 

④ centrifugal pump In the discharge of the pipe valve closed state start-up, vortex pump and axial flow pump in the valve fully open, to reduce the starting power. 

⑤ centrifugal pump is suitable for direct drive with high speed motor and steam turbine, simple structure, low manufacturing cost and convenient maintenance. 

⑥ applicability of a wide range of centrifugal pump flow from a few to hundreds of thousands of meters 3/, the head can be from a few meters to thousands of meters; Axial flow pump is generally applicable to large flow and low head (20 meters below). Centrifugal pump and axial flow pump efficiency is generally below 80%, high up to 90%. 

⑦ suitable for conveying a small viscosity of clean liquid (such as water), specially designed pump can transport mud, sewage, etc. or water transport solids. The power pump is mainly used for water supply, drainage, irrigation, flow liquid transportation, power station storage, hydraulic transmission and ship jet propulsion.

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