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Structure Characteristics of starch pump
Jul 23, 2018

Starch pump is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, synthetic fiber, fertilizer, power plant, metallurgy, food and medicine and other industrial sectors transport clean or contain particles of liquid, low-temperature or high-temperature liquid, neutral or corrosive liquid, the temperature of the transport medium is generally -45℃~200℃. High-temperature, slurry-type medium temperature -60℃~+360℃ transport high-temperature at ambient temperature with particles of corrosive liquid, can also be transported similar to water corrosive liquid. Applicable to chemical industry, petroleum, Metallurgy, pharmacy, brewing, power generation, food, environmental protection and other conditions of the harsh environment.

Starch pump is a single-stage, single suction, horizontal centrifugal pump, its marking performance and size, such as the use of international ISO-2858 production. The pump design is reasonable, the use of Half-open (open) impeller, double face mechanical seals, suitable for conveying the medium containing fine fiber and micro-particles, is widely used in starch, starch sugar and synthetic fibers and other industries.

The starch pump structure is compact ﹑ energy saving and consumption reduction principle is improved and designed, in recent years, the domestic potato starch manufacturers use the effect is very good, is the first new type of pump products, the pump because of the use of compact ﹑ dual-face mechanical seal ﹑ special impeller structure characteristics, with compact structure, small power, long life and other advantages, Mainly used in the Hydrocyclone liquid circulation and process cycle.

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