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Sulzer Ahlstrom standard material combinations A890 3A
Nov 30, 2018

ASTM A890 3A is common stainless which has been formulated for Sulzer Ahlstrom APP WPP NPP parts as a standard material, good for most cases in pulp and Paper industry, impeller,volute case,case cover,sideplate,stuffing box housing, expeller etc. and it's Nominal Chemical Composition % is as follows:

 Cmax  Cr Ni    Mo    Cu    N      
0.06   24.0~27.04.0~6.0 1.75~2.50    -    0.15~0.25  

APP sideplate

APP sideplate

APP impeller

908A2619      IMGL0268

APP volute casing


APP case cover


sulzer alstrom APP pulp pump

Ahlstrom ASP sulzer AUP Ahlstrom APT Ahlstrom APP impeller replacement, AHlstrom APP shaft replacement

Disclaimer: Hongya pump is not associated nor a distributor for any of other pump manufacturers such Sulzer Ahlstrom APP NPP WPP , Goulds, Andritz, Durco. Any name, brand, model or part  number is for identification and knowledge purpose only. Our parts will fit other manufacturer's pump to our highest standards.

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