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Comparison Of ISO Standard Chemical Pumps And ANSI Standard Chemical Pumps
Jul 23, 2018

ISO5199 (including the same or reference to the standard of national standards, such as China's gb/t5656), ANSI B73.1m/b73.2m Standard for medium and light load of oil, chemical centrifugal pump, drive and auxiliary equipment in the design, manufacture, inspection, testing and delivery status, and put forward the basic requirements.

The scope and requirements of these two types of standards are basically the same, and their applicable parameters are broadly as follows:

  (1) Rated discharge pressure ≤1.96mpa (G);

  (2) Medium temperature <260℃;

  (3) Power ≤110kw of the driving machine;

  (4) Maximum rotational speed <3600r/min;

  (5) rated lift ≤120m;

  (6) Maximum suction pressure ≤0.5mpa (G);

  (7) Maximum impeller diameter ≤333mm.

Chemical centrifugal pumps conforming to ISO5199 (including national standards equivalent to or referenced by the standard) are called ISO pumps; the chemical centrifugal pump, which complies with ANSI B73.1m/b73.2m Standard, is called ANSI pumps.


(1) ISO5199 (including national standards equivalent or reference to the standard) is applicable to horizontal cantilever centrifugal pumps.

(2) The ASME b73.1m standard is only suitable for the horizontal cantilever centrifugal pump with bottom foot installation.

(3) The ASME B73.2m standard is suitable for Yuli type pipe centrifugal pump.

ISO pump or ANSI pump in the materials, design, manufacture and testing requirements than API pump less, so the reliability is relatively poor, of course, the price is much cheaper. This type of pump to meet the general requirements of chemical use, often used for flammable, dangerous and other requirements are not too high occasions. American Durco Company's Markⅲ series, the Goulds Company's 3196 series, the Swiss Sulzer company and the Dalian acid Pump Factory's CZ series, the Japanese Ebara original company's IFW, the IFS series as well as our country's IH series (including the improvement series) and so on belong to this kind of pump.

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