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How Many Parts Does The Pump Consist Of?
Jul 23, 2018

By the motor, shaft, impeller, pump body, retaining ring, end cover, put gas plug, take pressure plug, mechanical seals, flat, impeller nut, water plug composition.

Assembly Order: 

1, all the parts to be installed scrub clean.

2, in the motor spindle mounted mechanical seals, in the mechanical seal and static ring with the surface, add a small amount of clean turbine oil or 20th oil.

3, install impeller, with impeller nut fastening.

4, install "O" type ring the pump body and the motor end cap with bolts fastening. Note that the impeller front cover and pump body clearance for 2~ (2+0.5) mm, impeller import and export outer ring and pump body to ensure a certain operating clearance. The disassembly order is opposite to the assembly order.

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