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Pump Body Installation Requirements
Jul 23, 2018

First, the whole factory pump in the rust guarantee period, its interior is not suitable for demolition, only cleaning appearance.

Second, the overall installation of the pump, vertical installation level deviation should not be greater than 0.10/1000, horizontal installation horizontal deviation should not be greater than 0.20/1000, and should be in the pump inlet flange or other horizontal surface measurement.

Third, the motor shaft and pump shaft, two halves of the coupling radial displacement, end clearance, axis tilt should be consistent with the provisions of equipment documents.

Forth, inspection before commissioning of the pump:

The steering of the motor should be the same as that of the pump, and the steering is correct (as required by technical documents); 

The parts of the fixed joints are not loose;

Each indication instrument, safety protection device and electronic control device should be sensitive, accurate and reliable;

The car should be flexible, no abnormal phenomenon; 

When the pump adopts mechanical seal, it should release the air inside the sealed cavity; The pump is not allowed to rotate in a state of no media.

The pump commissioning shall meet the following requirements 

Open the pump inlet valve, close the pump outlet valve, exhaust the gas in the pump body; 

The pump steering is correct in the switch of the point-moving pump.

Pump start speed is normal, gradually open the export valve, while observing the flow, pressure changes, pump rated working point of continuous operation of not less than 2h;

Check the vibration of the unit, the speed value is not more than 0.06m/s;

Pump flow, pressure normal, to achieve the requirements of design documents, motor does not exceed the current;

Pump safety protection and electrical control device sensitive, normal;

Pump cooling water unimpeded, there is no leakage throughout the body.

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