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Selection Of Several Common Pump Types In Sewage Treatment
Jul 23, 2018

1, sewage lifting pump, The main function of the sewage lifting pump is to drain the sewage from one pool to another, or from one sewage treatment link to another, to realize the transport function of the sewage and to use more in the sewage treatment process.

The sewage pump is put in the sewage treatment plant inlet, the sewage pipe net transports over the sewage, the water level is low, needs to use the sewage to raise the pump, the water level lower sewage pumping to the subsequent processing craft equipment. Many sewage treatment facilities according to elevation settings, through the water level difference, so that the sewage flow, automatically to the follow-up facilities, thereby reducing energy consumption. Another function is to take the sewage from the previous pool and pump it into the next pool for a different sewage treatment process.

2, dosing pump, Dosing pump is mainly to add sewage treatment agent to the sewage tank, so that sewage treatment agents and sewage in the neutralization of some pollutants, remove pollutants, purify the water. The sewage treatment medicament is prepared in the medicine chest, and after stirring evenly, it is put into the solution box. The dosing pump is inhaled from the solution box and then mixed with the water in the working medium, and transported to the polluted water to realize the purpose of dosing. The chemical and physical properties of the sewage treatment agent which are in contact with the dosing pump are different, according to the characteristics of the medicament, the corresponding dosing pump is chosen, and the smoothness and accuracy of the dosing process are also considered.

3, Sludge Pump, The main function of the sludge pump is to take out the sludge from the bottom of the sump and to do the sludge treatment. Sludge pump mainly used in the production of sludge pool, such as sedimentation tank, sludge pool, biochemical pool, filter pool and so on. The sludge pump produces the sludge to the pressure filter machine, the filter presses the moisture removal in the sludge, realizes the sludge treatment. The pressure of the sludge pump determines the water content of the sludge pumping sludge, which has a direct effect on the sludge treatment of the back filter press.

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