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The Development Of Pump Planning
Jul 23, 2018

"Eleven-Five" period, China's urban sewage treatment facilities construction and operation has made great achievements. By the end of 2010, the country had built 2832 municipal sewage treatment plants, processing capacity of 12.5 billion cubic meters/day, respectively, than 2005 increased by 210% and 108%. More than 90% of the city and more than 60% of the county built to put the sewage treatment plant, 16 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) to achieve the county and county built sewage treatment plant, the national urban sewage treatment rate reached 77.4%, than 2005 increase 25%, sewage treatment capacity exceeded "Eleven-Five" Plan to determine the target of 10.5 billion cubic meters/day.

"The National Urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities Construction planning (2011~2015)", released before the end of 2011, shows that "Twelve-Five" at the end of the national key cities, prefecture-level cities, county towns, county towns, the sewage treatment rate of 90%, 85%, 75%, 70%, 30%, and the whole During the "Twelve-Five" period, investment in sewage treatment facilities and sewage treatment network reached 66 billion and 250 billion respectively.

Pump as a water treatment process of power equipment, playing a sewage upgrade, transport and pharmaceutical metering work, its importance is self-evident, in some key links in the pump equipment once there are problems, will far-reaching. How to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the pump in the process of water treatment, play its "hero Pump Color", "General Machinery" magazine in the water industry accumulated knowledge and influence, as well as hosting the four international fan compressor Forum and two session of the pump Peak forum experience, with the international famous exhibition brand Dutch exhibition cooperation, With the fifth session of the Netherlands Amsterdam International Water Treatment Exhibition (fifth Aquatech China) held in the same period, connect users, manufacturers, design institutes and other tripartite, common pump in the water industry production practice process application. 、、、

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