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What Is The Difference Between API 610 Centrifugal Pump And ISO Centrifugal Pump?
Jul 23, 2018

1, ISO pump, in addition to a class of pump selection of the pump, the other two types of pumps and three types of pumps, for the material is not required, and API pump has a relatively strict, and the system of material selection criteria; 

2, ISO pump, for machine seal No special requirements, allow the use of filler seals. On this year's Cippe, I closed the door and paid attention to the two types of pumps on display, using simplified mechanical seals plus filler seals.

In the API, it is required to use a set-type machine seal, if I remember correctly; 、、、 3, ISO pump, for the factory test this piece of the requirements are relatively simple, and some fuzzy.

The requirements of API 610 are relatively strict and detailed; 4, the recommended data sheet, the ISO several specifications, the recommended data sheet, are very bad, no API 610 so detailed.

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