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What Is The Use Of Magnetic Pump Precautions?
Jul 23, 2018

Magnetic pump in the normal use, as long as the instructions in accordance with the correct operation, then, the magnetic pump can achieve long life, long cycle operation purposes. Due to the limitations of its own structural characteristics, magnetic pump in the use of the process usually need to pay attention to the following matters.

(1) The operation is strictly prohibited;

(2) thorough removal of rust and solid foreign matter in the device;

(3) The pump must be removed before running the air;

(4) The cut-off running time shall not last more than 60s;

(5) No reverse continuous operation;

(6) In the operation, such as the discovery of abnormal sound or vibration, must quickly identify the cause, troubleshooting;

(7) Less than the minimum flow, should not run;

(8) The normal working state of the pump must be the range of performance parameters required by the contract, otherwise it will affect the axial force of the pump; (9) The normal temperature structure magnetic pump (ND-FE-B magnetic material) is strictly prohibited "high temperature" sweep line.

The Magnetic gear pump is a kind of volumetric gear pump which can realize the non-contact torque transmission by the magnetic actuator and replace the dynamic seal with static seal, so that the pump achieves no leakage. The pump is driven by a magnetic coupler, which is generally a rotating work pump. Half of the magnetic coupler (internal magnet) is mounted on the pump shaft, and the isolation cover made of non-ferrous magnetic material is sealed in the pump body, the other half (external magnet) is mounted on the motor shaft, and the inner magnet is driven by a magnetic force inside the isolation hood to work, so there is no leakage. The bearings are made from self-lubricating materials and lubricated with liquid, suitable for conveying poisonous, flammable, corrosive and valuable liquids without particles. The pump adopts an independent lubrication system, and the structure which is separated from the liquid to be transported, suitable for conveying the materials containing granules, slurry and high-temperature liquids (450 ℃).

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