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What Kinds Of Dustproof Rings Can Be Divided?
Jul 23, 2018

Dust ring It is divided into several kinds, can be divided into lip-shaped dust ring, special Kang combination dust ring, Zokang combination dust ring, which can be divided into lip-shaped dust-proof ring, no skeleton lip-shaped dust ring.

1, skeleton lip-shaped dust ring: This product it is possible to use the skeleton and cavity hole interference fit to achieve the anti-stripping, the dust ring lip is flush with the end of the cylinder head, this is also the structure can make lip mouth from external cause damage, relatively this kind of product is used for construction machinery, garbage truck and so on easy to be damaged in the occasion of the lip mouth of the machine. 

2, no skeleton lip-shaped dust ring: It is installed in the front of the cylinder head closed groove, the design of this product it must be a slightly protruding lip mouth to the end of the cylinder, so that it is easy to clear the mouth of the dirt blocked.

The structure is easy to install, relatively wide application is also used in general industrial hydraulic, walking hydraulic and pneumatic.

3, Special Kang combination dust ring (PTFE + rubber): This product it is to use (O-ring elasticity to wear PTFE (PTFE) Lip for real-time wear compensation, with different materials O-ring can be used for high-speed, high-temperature and special working medium occasions. 

4, Zokang combination dust ring (polyurethane ten rubber): This product it will not be used, the structure and Teckan combination dust ring, the difference is that the PTFE (PTFE) Part of the change into polyurethane (PU). This product is also the use of O-ring elasticity of the worn polyurethane (PU) Lip of the real-time wear compensation, which has the advantage of the ordinary lip-shaped dust ring life longer.

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