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Single Stage Brine Pump

Single Stage Brine Pump

Key: single-stage volute casing pumps

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Key: single-stage volute casing pumps

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The BH Series of horizontal, single-stage volute casing pumps are designed according to ISO2858 and enlarged sizes and feature full dismantling of the bearing unit towards the drive end without removing the pump casing from the piping system allowing simple and easy maintenance. These models are used in industrial applications such as sewage plants, chemical plants, rolling mills, foundries and iron and steel works, construction, paper and cellulose industry. They are well suited for the pumping of dirty and solid containing liquids like storm water, pre-filtered sewage, industrial effluents, chemical effluents, brines and lies, milk of lime, crystal sludge, filter material, plastic suspensions, scale-contaminated water, mixtures of water and cement, ditch excavation water, chemical and mechanical pulp, etc.

Capacity: up to 2000 m3/h

Head: up to 1600 m

pressure: up to 2.5 Mpa

Operating temperature: up to 400 ˚C


single-stage, with mechanical seals, sewage, chemical process, for brine, stainless steel, cast iron, horizontal mount

Standard material options: CS austenitic stainless steel, martensite stainless steel



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