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Low Flows Magnetic Drive Pump

Low Flows Magnetic Drive Pump

Key: low flows magnetic drive pump

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Key: low flows magnetic drive pump

MXL low flows magnetic drive pump

Performance range:

Size: DN25~DN80 Capacity: 0.05~5m3/h

Head: Max 200m Temperature range: Max 400oC

Pressure rating: 2.5Mpa

Rotating Speed: 1,450/2,900r/min

Viscosity: Max 100mm2/s


AISI SS-316 stainless steel





1/Suitable for high head/Low capability application

2/High head/Low flow capability minimizes by-pass requirements and prevents overheating of cenrtifugals and high head cavitation

3/Impeller design handles up to 20% entrained gas-ideal for pumping liquefied gases

4/No galling or metal to metal contact

5/Heavy duty alloy containment shell

6/High torque magnets, suitable for direct starting motors.


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