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Slurry Magnetic Drive Pump

Slurry Magnetic Drive Pump

Key: slurry magnetic drive pump

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Key: slurry magnetic drive pump


MBHN slurry magnetic drive pump

The mag drive working principle offers 100% leak-free operation as there are no mechanical seals. The life cycle cost savings are significant when comparing to a shaft sealed pump equivalent due to the low number of spares, no clean-up costs and unplanned line downtime. The pump design incorporates the best quality components such as investment cast pump ends, samarium cobalt magnets, silicon carbide bearing systems and market leading motors.

MBHN slurry pump is your best solution for flammable and combustible fluid contains solids under condition of high temperature and high pressure


Performance range:

Capacity: 700m³/h

Head: Max 200m     

Temperature rangefaammable and : Max 400oC

Pressure rating: 2.5Mpa



AISI SS-316 stainless steel






1/Suitable for high temperature and pressure

2/Open impeller or enclosed impeller

3/No galling or metal to metal contact

4/Heavy duty alloy containment shell

5/High torque magnets, suitable for direct starting motors.

6/Customed flush plan for various application condition




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