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Standard Chemical Magnetic Drive Pump

Standard Chemical Magnetic Drive Pump

​Key: standard chemical magnetic drive pump

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Key: standard chemical magnetic drive pump

API685 MBH magnetic drive pump

Performance range:

Size: DN25~DN150 Capacity: Max 700m3/h

Head: Max 200m Temperature range: Max 220oC

Pressure rating: 1.6Mpa/2.5 Mpa

Power: Max 160KW

Rotating Speed: 1,450/2,900r/min

Viscosity: Max 100mm2/s

Working principle

The magetic driven pump of Airtight is composed of three major pars of pump, magnetic coupler and motor, and driven by the magnetic coupler, and totally sealless. It’s easy to install and repair, and all wet parts can be repaired and overhauled on site.

Application range:

Application area:

Chemical products, Petro-chemical, nitric acid, Vitriol, Medicine, Textile, Nuclear power.

Suitable for fluid medium:

Infalmmable, Explosive, Easy vaporized, Poisonous, Expensive.

Structural characteristics:

1/ Conforming to API685

2/A pump with a single stage, a single suction and in a cantilever structure

3/The internal high-pressure circulation mode is very suitable for delivery of boiling fluid media(Type MBH)

4/It is a suitable a substitute for double mechanical seal pump and externally attached auxiliary system

5/Model MBH(F) fo intermediate support type can be supplier when needed by users.

5/Fully enclosed impeller by investment casting

6/Easy Maintenance

Structural diagram



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