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Centrifugal Pulp and Paper Pump

Centrifugal Pulp and Paper Pump

AK series/APP equal solution Single Stage Centrifugal pump

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centrifugal pulp and paper pump

We can provide series of centifugal pumps for various pulp stock, single stage end suction AK or AKM and single stage double suction DSM.

AK Single stage end suction centrifugal pump
AKN Non-clogging single stage end suction centrifugal pump-

AK/AKN series pulp pumps is based on world-class hydraulic model, various tailored impeller type, open impeller/closed impeller/special open impeller/ Vortex Impeller/low pulse impeller, has met to widely hydraulic coverage, our solution is suitable for liquids with bigger solid particles and long fibers, abrasive liquids or stock up to 8% consistency and other liquid with below 30% solid content.

Besides pump selection, we can also provide reliable shaft sealing for various pulp stock, dynamic seal, mechanical seal, gland packings

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Capacity: Up to 9000m3/h

Head: Up to 160m

Pressure: up to 25 bar

Temperature: up to 180oC

Discharge sizes: from 32mm to 600mm

Speed of rotation: up to 3600rpm

Pressure: Up to 2.5Mpa (depend on material and size)

Impeller: Closed/Low flow/Open/Special open/Low pulse/ Vortex Impeller

Consistency: 0% ~ 8%

M.O.C: Duplex Stainless ASTM A890 3A/1B/5A, Cast Iron ASTM A48 CL 35B, Chromium Iron A532IIA etc.


1/Handing pulp & paper stocks up to 8% consistency

2/All liquor application in pulp & paper industries, Green liquor, Black liquor, lime-mud slurry extraction.

3/Food, Sugar, Salt industries

4/Oil and Gas

5/Water transpor and distribution



1/ Conforming to ISO5199 and ISO2858

2/ open, special open and closed impellers are available for a wide variety of application to handle stocks of various kinds, sludges or slurries.

3/Gland packing/Mechanical seal/Dynamic seal

AK series performance range


DSM/Single stage double suction centrifugal pump

DSM double suction single stage axially split centrifugal pumps are used for pulp application to ensure process reliability, high efficiency, and low operating costs.

Capacities: up to 25,000m3/h

Head: up to 160m

Pressures: up to 20 bar

Temperatures: up to 120oC

Discharge sizes: from 250mm to 900mm

Speed of rotation: up to 3600rpm


1/Cooling water pump for biomass waste

2/Cooling water pump for gas-fired

3/Cooling water pump for geothermal plants

4/Paper and board machine and systems

5/Pulp drying machine

6/Water supply

7/water transportation

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DSM Performance range

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