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ISO2858 Light Centrifugal Pumps

ISO2858 Light Centrifugal Pumps

Key: ISO series light centrifugal pumps

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Key: ISO series light centrifugal pumps

BH series processing pummp

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ISO2858 Horizontal, single stage end suction pump is suitable for white starch, Corn starch, Potato starch processsing to Pumping of starch milk between 3 and 24 °Bé, clean wash water, filtrate, and auxiliaries.


Closed impeller

Capacity: up to2,000 m3/h

Head: up to 160 m

pressure: Up to 2.5 Mpa

Operating temperature: up to +400 ˚C



1/Process Industries, water supply, Petro-chemical, Nuclear, Refinery, Fertilizer, Paper, Sugar, etc.

2/Pumps suitable for handling corrosive acids, alkalies, salt solutions, caustics, hydro carbons, oils, thermic fluids, liquefied gases, condensates, viscous liquids, etc.



1/Horizontal, single stage and end suction

2/Top centre line delivery

3/Back pull out design

4/Oil lubricated bearings

5/Gland packing or with mechanical seal


API flushing plan

Standard material options: Cast steel, CF8, CF8M, Alloy 20, R55, CN7MS, MONEL, CD4MCu, Hastalloy C, etc.


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