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Syrup Pump

Syrup Pump

Key: syrup pump

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Key: syrup pump

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AK Single-stage spiral casing pump with closed impeller, open impeller, special open impeller, Low pulse impeller, according to ISO 2858. For clean, slightly contaminated and aggressive liquids up to a viscosity of 150 mm2/s with variuous application.

Low impulse impeller

Capacity:  up to 700 m3/h

Head: up to 160 m

pressure: up to 1.6Mpa

Operating temperature: up to 360 ˚C


1/AK series are designed for pumping fluid contains solid particles at low or high temperature application.

2/Sludge & paper pulp

3/Sewage & waste water

4/Viscous liquids / fibrous material

5/Contaminated process liquids

6/Strained/unstrained juice


Closed Impeller is used for pumping clean liquids or liquids containing some impurities.

Open Impeller is designed for liquids containing so- lid particles, abrasive liquids or stock up to 8 % consistency.

Special Open Impeller is suitable for liquids containing big- ger solid particles and long fibers, abrasive liquids or stock up to 8% consistency.

Low Pulse Impeller is designed and manufactured to mi- nimize pressure pulsations.

Standard material options:

ASTM A890 3A,ASTM A747 CB7Cu-2,ASTM A532 IIIA 



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