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High Pressure Multi Stage Centrifugal Pump

High Pressure Multi Stage Centrifugal Pump

Key: high pressure multi stage wastewater pump

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Key: high pressure multi stage wastewater pump

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Horizontal, single stage, radially split, segmental ring, between-bearings multistage centrifugal pumps. to API 610, 11th.

Capacity: up to 1,700 m3/h /8,500US gpm

Head: up to 1,750 m/ 5,500 ft

pressure: Up to 18 Mpa/26.10 psi

Size: DN up to 350 mm/14 in

Maxi speed of rotation: Up to 4,000rpm

Operating temperature: -80 ˚C to +180 ˚C


1/Boiler feed duties for boiler water uo to 180 ˚C pre-warming not required.

2/Condensate service in power stations and industrial plants.

3/Desalination (Reverse Osmosis)

4/Auxiliaty services within combined-cycle and industrial power plant

5/Pump as hydraulic power recovery turbine in water treatment plants.

6/High pressure mine drainage applications.


1/Design and manufacture meet API610 standard

2/Double suction impeller is available for low NPSH application.

3/Single or double mech seal may be installed.

Standard material options: CS austenitic stainless steel, Martensitic stainless steel, duplex steel, CD-4, Hast-alloy, Max-alloy 350, Max-alloy 700, etc



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